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Sunday, July 2

Inspire me thursday(Bodyparts)-MyFeet....relaxing

WaterColor pencils on 11"X15"coldpress

This weeks challenge is to create a piece of art that focuses on "BodyParts" lil tough to me.. i tried tho..i used this pic of my feet as a reference.... (i took ths crazy pic on a long day drive )I concentrated only on my feet so cudnt do the exact as the foto...so this is how i ended up doing this painting i felt dat a bigger sheet wud b nice for this or i shud hve made the sketch a lil smaller....composing this on paper was lil confusing to me ..i used watercolor pencils for this painting.Thank u jess for suggesting BodyParts this week ...ihve this fear drawing potraits and iam bad at human anatomy ..this weeks challenege is really challenging to me.
Inspire me thursday(Bodyparts)-MyFeet....relaxing

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Blogger himavant said...

hi nirmala, good to see your feet! you did very well with the drawing. great!!

Blogger Ouissi Gresty said...

These are great...wish I could draw!

Ouissi x

Blogger Teri C said...

You did a wonderful painting of your feet. Perspective is good and they are just in an interesting position. It is nice to see the reference photo too.

Blogger carla said...

Wonderful perspective...I enjoy seeing the photo. I really like how you brought out the blue tones in the drawing.

Blogger events said...

I miss this rakhi festival, which is the most famous festival for brothers and sisters

Blogger Nirmala Sadanapalli said...

Yes it is famous festival :) thank you for visiting my blog!!


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