Thursday, June 29


"Inspired by the bark"this bark has wonderful brown shades covered by white ashy powdery layer on it.. so i wanted to try painting ths... I used acrylic paints for this and a foto as a reference,vt palete knife i tried to create layers but iam missing ...i hve to try more on ths bark paintings to get dat layered effect.
(click the image for better view)

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Blogger endevourme said...

if u rotate dat painting 90degree,
it looks like an old brick wall...
just kidding ;-) ,its good.

and good dat u write description,
wht inspired dat and all........
very nice to read :-)

i like bark,leaves more than flowers

Blogger nirmala said...

Ru kidding:-(....no kidding..ha..just kidding...i worked so much on this painting to get the texture n effect ..but nice idea i hve to work on bricks now...
ya i wrote lil ..iam not gud at writng like u ..i mean expressing in words like u ..ur soo gud ....i try to tell thru my paintings ...u hve to understand.
buds ..flowers ..leaves..bark r beautiful in thr own way.

Blogger endevourme said...

mmm.... will say just one thing,
i havent linked anybuddy else da,
urs is the only blog that i linked...:-)

Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

If only i knew u.. i wud have begged u for all those paintings.. beautiful collection..... just perfect for someones room

Blogger nirmala said...

i know ....thank u so much..

haaaaa i wud luv to give my paintings..

Blogger himavant said...

hi nirmala!

you know what? use your feet pix for your next art, digi-art!

no, you are good at drawing. cannot wait to see your feet painting.

nice homy studio you posted at IMT!

great day,

Blogger nirmala said...

hi ..ya dats wat i did check it out n tell me ...i tried painting not gud or not bad..

Blogger vikrant said...

hi nirmala,
i am watching your work from last few months and noticed very nice change in your posts.your bark and feet are awesome.but i want to suggest you that try to avoid refer photographs for study.photographs have its own another beauty.nature is always there for you.you can see the difference between live and reference.i think i wrote to much.but what i felt i told you frenkly.
your work gives very nice feelings.
you are also welcome to my blog.

Blogger nirmala said...

hi vikrant,,nice to cu...n thanx 4r stopping by and leaving a big comment..thanx for ur suggestion,..n ur soo welcome.hmm so uhve been watching my work since months...so u noticed change in my work ..dats gud ya iam trying to improve my self..and yes i too dont want to use reference fotos but i cant remember the details which i want to workout and iam not dat experienced to just imagine and draw..one day may b..i wud luv to paint like dat ....once again thanx and keep visiting and hey whr is ur blog?

Blogger vikrant said...

well... my blog is



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