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Friday, June 16

Inspire me thursday:Show and tell art(undulated)

Iam late for this weeks topic"show and tell art"hve no idea or plans wat to do!my head is blank...last nite i was not feeling sleepy thought of starting something.I kept all my stuff in front of me ..it was so messy..watercolors,acrylics,pencil paper ect ect.I was kind of confused and blank wat and how to start..aaaahhh its not gonna work like this ,so i took a canvas,vt a brush i applied lot of water and painted blue on both ends and orange in centre,i was just brushing and blending the colors for long thinkin n thinkin.. dont know wat to do ..the shade was looking gud thought it wud b nice for a landscape..hmm na its routine thing i always do ..want to try something new..as i was working vt the brush i ended up something wavy and shaded..ended up vt this pattern.All i did was brushing in wavy manner no colors used again,only vt water..as i turned the brush i got this wavy look..this is something different and looks attractive too..i enjoyed doing this painting as it came to an end i was satisfied...learned some thing new...gud for me,its not hard work tho but as u sit blankly vt out any plans also its suprising how u can create something like this,iam happy vt this painting.
Inspire me thursday:Show and tell art(undulated)

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Blogger arvindh said...

looks beautiful! Parts of it remind me of peacock feathers.

Blogger firstborn said...

there's a transparency that i so love from watercolors! lovely piece...

Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

B E A U tiful........

Blogger priyums said...

I love the geometry and the flow..Wonderful


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