"MY WORLD OF ARTZZ"": Inspire me thursday-Open studio(Pretty in blue)

Tuesday, June 27

Inspire me thursday-Open studio(Pretty in blue)

(Watercolor on coldpress sheet 11"x15")

This is my open studio corner ,i like to sit on floor and do most of my work ...this is whr i can spread all my mess!
Inspire me thursday-Open studio(Pretty in blue)

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Blogger firstborn studio said...

this is beautiful,you are so talented!

Anonymous carra said...

That is one of the most beautiful, delicious paintings I've seen in a while! Great work.

Blogger ABHIJEET said...

hi nirmala!
it's a nice work what u hv done!keep it up.see lots of other artist's work.

Blogger Joy Eliz said...

Gorgeous! and your work space looks so comfy!!

Blogger Virginia said...

What can I say, I just love it, so beautiful, those colors are amazing!

Blogger nirmala said...

firstborn studio
Thank u for visiting..uhve wonderful blog.
carra...wow "delicious painting" thanx
hi abhijeet nice to c u..thanx for visiting..just saw ur blog uhve done grt work.
joy eliz
ha my space is really comfy!!
Thank u virginia

Blogger Teri C said...

Stunningly beautiful!!!!!

Blogger Stacia said...

The transparent leaves are so delicate - along with the colors and fluid lines...simply beautiful.

Blogger scarecrow said...

This is a nice piece of work.

The pillows make the space.


Blogger andrea said...

This is so beautiful and serene! The shades of blue and green are so calming. Really amazing. Loved the glimpse into your studio too!

Blogger dfhusdhfaisf said...


Blogger the heartful blogger said...

This is gorgeous, sensuously tranquil. Nice to get a peek at your arty corner too!! Looks real cosy.

Blogger carla said...

I love the delicacy of your work! How nice to just sit on the floor and paint:>

Blogger Fiona said...

Such delicate work - love the colours adn the flimisness. I love to sit on the floor too - so much room!

Blogger artbyjune said...

I love your watercolour painting. I never tried sitting on the floor to paint. Looks very comfy. Maybe I will try it.

Blogger Push. said...

nice pix...enjoyed..them... :)///

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. your work is very versatile n most of all u know for yurself wat's missing n wat's apt.The blue leaves were superb i mean the effect u created is very good.Keep working u hav a great talent...Believe me uv inspired me too cos even i luv to paint n yur work has inspired me to pursue my long lost passion wenever i'm free.even the waves pic was 1 which appealed 2me out of all.Ret all r good too.Great going!!


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