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Monday, June 19

Inspire me thursday-In Good Time(Natural)

For this weeks challenge i created this painting.I hve been collecting leaves and petals and small flowers, grass or wat ever i can pick up on my way ...got an idea of creating something from ths ....i used these leaves which are very delicate and hve thr own natural color ,so i used natural pressed leaves as flowers and acrylic colors for leaves ,30 min time was sufficient for me to create ths piece.some times its gud to hve time limit.
Inspire me thursday-In Good Time(Natural)

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Anonymous carra said...

Oh I love this, it's so beautiful, esp the colours!

Blogger scarecrow said...

Nice work! I bet that in the fall you will have one heck of a time selecting what to use.


Blogger himavant said...

hi nirmala, nice art. wonder how long needed to dry the petals. nice idea! thanks for visiting too!

Anonymous Belinda said...

i love how you collaged the leaves onto the stems. beautiful!

Blogger Virginia said...

nirmala, I love the light of the leaves, just wonderful!

Anonymous annax said...

I love the colouring and layout. Very striking.

Blogger melba said...

I like this...the movement. I also like your slide show on your sidebar...great idea to show off your work!


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