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Thursday, July 27

Inspire me thursday-Childs play......Memories of Rakhi

Rakhi and also called as Raksha Bandhan..which is an Indian traditonal festival(its on august 9th)..."Raksha Bandhan" means"a bond of protection".On the day of Raksha Bandhan sisters tie Rakhi on their brother's wrist and express their love for him.Rakhi which is like a friend ship band...ul find so many varieties of rakhis...i remember as a kid how i used to buy rakhis and wait for dat day to tie to my brothers wrist. In return i used to get choclates and gifts..i used to bug my brothers dat they hve to give me lots of choclates n gifts otherwise iam not gonna tie u rakhi ..haaa...i used to complain to dad dat they are not giving me anything in return they used to tease me a lot..its a memorable ocassion..even now also i ask my brothers to b prepared to give me costly costly gifts haaa...i always like to buy ths simple thread rakhis...they are soft and i like how they look fluffy at centre dats wat i tried to show in the sketch ...i used my hands as reference for the sketch..lil messed up...iam dedicating this post to my brothers anil &sunil)

Read more about Rakhsha Bandhan at www.raksha-bandhan.com
Inspire me thursday-Childs play......Memories of Rakhi

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Blogger himavant said...

interesting story about your culture! thanks for sharing..

Blogger firstborn said...

what a sweet memory!

Blogger endevourme said...

i too miss rakhi now, i am staying away from home naa.
i like simple rakhis, ones with plain thread and a cotton like ball at the top...
nice post...u write beautiful :-)

Blogger events said...

thanks for the sharing, its really great.

Blogger Nirmala Sadanapalli said...

You are welcome :)


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