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Friday, May 26

Inspire me Thursday:Flower

I did this painting using thread i luv this technique..i used acryllic colors for this and a lil piece of thread in this procedure i applied colors to wet thread and placed on a sheet in curves(the painting depends on how u place the thread)and cover vt other sheet (use plain sheet as u get the same painting)put a heavy book and press it a lil hard and pull the thread slowly ..but not dat slowly as colors get dry..the more colors u use the more harder it is in my opinion, but this technique is a suprise as u dont know how the painting comes.
Inspire me Thursday:Flower

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Blogger arvindh said...

very pretty and cool stuff!

Blogger Monica said...

very nice! cool technique!

Blogger Suji said...

I used to do this a lot when i was in school. Think i'll do it again, it was so much fun, cos u never know how it will turn out.

Blogger taittems said...

It's incredibly beautiful! I love it! Mary :-)

Blogger nirmala said...

Thank u

yes suji i also used to do a lot in school time,its a beautiful trick how the colors turn out!
Thank u for ur wonderful comments its encouraging !enjoy ur weekend.

Blogger Mad Guru said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing technique and your beautiful painting. I really like this a lot!

Blogger yo said...

nice shapes u got in it .i feel feminine shapes in it.nice coloures

Blogger melba said...

I love these abstract flowers!

Blogger gudbrandsdottir said...

So cool pictures, thanks for sharing this technique - I have actually never heard this before!
I also think the top one (the yellow one) is lovely, bright beautiful colours!

Blogger melanienyc said...

this is very pretty...what a cool technique!!! i think i'll have to try this.


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