Wednesday, May 24


I didnt do any potraits lately so tried to copy my foto (does this potrait look like me)not exactly tho i think iam ok, i hve to improve a lot as i compare the pic and sketch i can c the faults ,actually i was not concentrating much i was in a hurry to complete the sketch i hve to b more patient vt sketches ..as first time vt charcoal i want to do a lil practice.... this is how i ended up in drawing these sketches in lil time....i look forward to hearing ur suggestions for further improvement.

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Blogger Random York said...

I really, really like your floral sketches below! On the self portrait, yes, I can tell it's you. Portraits are hard...I have a bad habbit of drawing one eye higher than the other.

Blogger Srini said...

Dudette, this is my area and I can proudly comment...

This is a great start, it does look like you, it would look more like you as you try some more serious sketching

Enjoy your long weekend !

Blogger arvindh said...

If you used the photograph you have in your profile, there are some changes that I would suggest to create a likeness - it would be better if you made the hair look wavy and then make the cheek bone prominent by narrowing down the side of the face.

Blogger nirmala said...

random york
Yes potriats need more concentration, i need to do more practice !

"yes arvindh ur write in case of hair cheek bone and also the position of the face,i will try in my next potrait.

Thank u for visitng!
Enjoy ur week end!

Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog!
Good job on this sketch!
This is a very hard photo to work off of. It is always harder when the face is turned and plus your one eye is not shown. Here is a little tip with drawing faces that has always helped me. I draw the right eye first then base the entire face off that. It is a great way to scale things--for example in the photo you measure your eye then figure out how many eyes it takes to make up your nose. Then with the eye you drew you can scale the nose correctly.
Hope this makes some sense and helps! Keep at it--you have the talent!:)

Blogger nirmala said...

Thank u melissa and thank u for ur wonderful tip.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nirmala,

ur blog is very nice,i am watching this place since long time. Today feel like typing something here. u r reallyy talented & creative.
yeah.. there is a smallllll suggestion for portraits, observer the orientation & where the potrait is facing or luking. In ur PIC ur head is tilted but in ur sketch u made it straight. so u miss de clues in the pic.



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