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Thursday, September 21

A rose is a rose is a........

I used artrage software for this,all i did is selected a image of a rose, u can c the original one..i used only one tool for this no colors or paint...i used palette knife and blended vt it..u can c the difference.It gives brush stroke effect...but i cudnt paint the rain drops:-(


A rose is a rose is a........

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Blogger Maya Cassis said...

wow!I am fascinated by art!am so glad I fell in here :)
I noticed your pic and was wondering if you were ever in U.A.E.
I have a friend with the same name who looks like you,but I am not sure.It's more than a decade since I met her.

Blogger Ritesh said...

hey awesome stuff nirmala....i mean been a while since i saw ur wrks..but damn cool...keep it up...awesome awesome stuff maam


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