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Friday, September 8


That o'er my sky fresh clouds arise And drench my path with rain.
— Grace Troy.

Doodling vt a kool software GRAPHIRE3. This was given to me by a kool friend(i think ihve a big responsibilty now dnt want him to take back this frm me..i hve to work on this:-)badly.This software has so many kool techniques..... ihve to try ....for this painting i used "water colors(runny wash).This painting looks very simple yet beautiful vt melting colors....reminds me of a fresh rainy day..



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Blogger Mauricio said...


Great artwork.

With painter? or PS?

My best form Brazil

Anonymous Nabeel said...

colors of rainbow?

Blogger priyums said...

Nirmala, I saw your comments on my blog. I checked your blog couple of minutes back it is amazing..

I love your work - your strokes.
Your water color flowers and birds and the evening (the one like a poster) are wonderful.Could you write more on the medium..colors ..washes..whatever you did as an artist to get it..

I also learnt about artrage software from your blog. You are a very creative person and you use bright colors. I love the flow. Keep up the work. I will keep checking regularly.

Blogger priyums said...

Love the wash - esp the green..Yes it does spell 'rain'

Blogger Aparna said...

its just SUPERRB..........n really gives me the fresh feeling of rain....!!!

Blogger nirmala said...

thank u..i did vt painter
no colors of rainbow in my painting..
thank u so much for visiting and ur comments are so encouraging..yes priya i will try to write more ..i use normal watercolors and acrylics for my paintings..tht ppl wil eazly undestand..yes artrage is very nice software u can create diff textures..they look real....plz do come again..:-)
ya it does spell rain..i luv the fresh luk
hii thanx ....ya i do felt the same when i did this...fresh rainy day..thanx for coming....


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