"MY WORLD OF ARTZZ"": "Rose Plant"(After)

Monday, May 8

"Rose Plant"(After)

This is after applying water to the sketch it looks more colorful now..its been fun working vt this painting and curious how it turns out after applying water..iam happy vt the results ...and my first painting vt these water color pencils is a rose plant from my balcony.
"Rose Plant"(After)

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Blogger arvindh said...

Watercolour pencils are just great arent they? You can take then anywhere and get a fantastic sketch within no time. Great work!

Blogger nirmala said...

Yes arvindh they are great and fun to work.Thank u so much for ur regular comments.The new paintings in ur blog are really gud.

Blogger Alina Chau said...

Lovely drawing!!


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