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Tuesday, April 25


I did few watercolor paintings few days back ...more paintings to upload ..i was not in a mood for detailed paintings... so just did lil homework!!!trying to create sumthing new ..but i know il end up in trees and flowers.

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Blogger arvindh said...

You have conveyed a sense of movement and energy in this painting through the strokes that form the sky - I like that!

Blogger radhakrishna balla said...

i was wondering if all of the
paitings/sketches on this blog are done by you?
nice work.. probably too many to chew at a time for me

btw, mail to your gmail-ID got bounced back - any spelling error?

Blogger Virginia Valle said...

Hello :)

Is nice to see a new post from you
I like the colours,is always nice to try something new and dont worry I dont have update,but I remember you from your comments :).You was a really sweet girl! I will back.Keep it up, I want to see FIRE on this blog ;).

Blogger nirmala said...

wat ever comes to my mind i put it on paper.....iam just a blind painter ,i enjoy looking at them ..thanx for ur comments.its wonderful....so much to learn from u...expressing!!

Radhakrishna balla
Thanx for ur comment..i also wonder sometimes did i do all these....???Take ur own time to chew..

Thank u so much for visiting my blog again and leaving ur comment dat is so encouraging and sweet of u.


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