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Saturday, April 8

Blooming reds

I did this painting long back as the green color was left,dont want to waste it so i just painted the leaves and left the flowers to bloom .But Yesterday as i was going thru my filed up paintings saw this ooh no flowers, and thought of finishing ... i did the flowers using my fingers just dipping in water colors and water.
Blooming reds

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

chalaa bagunnayeee.... enkaa flowers vey kakundaa objects veyee... sarey naa.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nirmala,

Very nice colour combinations and also nice work of flowers but i would say try some with objects like baskets,pots,wood stuff like...

Well done ....nirmala...


Anonymous Abhiram said...

Hi Nirmala,ur paintings r extraordinary, they r real kool 1's. ur blog is also attractive.keep up the good work,i 2 like painting but i donno how to paint, wil u teach me? ;)
,whr do u stay in US.




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