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Thursday, May 3

Tethered Dreams....

I dreamed, and dreamed;
Of wings I dreamed; of wings.
I dreamed of wings;
Soft-feathered things,___wings.
I dreamed of wings, up-lifting things,
To pull me up to where my soul
Could wander free;
Above the winds, on wings;
Wings to set me free,___
To lift me into unremembering,
To waft me from the days of things
Into the world of wings.
I dreamed of what I must possess___
And cannot have.
I dreamed of wings.

"WINGS" by P. Roy Brammell


Tethered Dreams....

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Blogger Stuart said...

well Buddy thats really....superb!...
any significance for the painting not being symmetrical?
Its entitle 'tethered...' i see it confined on a canvas, wel maybe a frame! but not tied down.

Blogger Stuart said...

if u can use a consistent thickness of paint u can achieve more radience through the colour, i feel that way in the technical aspect..

Blogger arvindh said...

Nice to see these great additions to your blog.

Blogger Shruti said...

Hi dear,
Just came surfing..
I must say, its a lovely dream..

TAke care

Blogger Suneetinder Singh Walia said...

very artistic indeed!

Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

wow .. lovely

Anonymous vinodkumar said...

hi nimmu its nice keep it up,i hope you will be a great artist in coming days all the best


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