"MY WORLD OF ARTZZ"": Morning Glory...

Saturday, December 9

Morning Glory...


Morning Glory...

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Anonymous dee said...

hi. loved the clay rose. i made one today. i'm using colored clay so getting the colors were easy.

i have a question: how do you color clay if it isnt colored (like you did)?

do you paint over the rose? if yes, then what kind of paint? and how do you get color in between the petals? with a very fine brush?

er .. too many questions. but hope you can help

Blogger nirmala said...

thank u so much for ur comment ..
i used instant clay...its not colored
i painted the rose using acrylic paints i used very fine synthetic bristled brush to cover in between petals ,its lil hard tho but i used two colors to get this shade...not too many q :)..feel free...thanx for visiting my blog..keep visiting.


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