"MY WORLD OF ARTZZ"": "Black beauties kissed by SUN"

Friday, February 10

"Black beauties kissed by SUN"

"Black beauties kissed by SUN"

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Blogger David Kleinert said...

Wow, are these black roses! cheers

Blogger Ali said...

Black roses, now thats something to think about. Black is the last colour I would associate with roses. Good job!

Blogger wildpic said...

nice work nirmala. cheers !

Blogger Sachin Suryawanshi said...

Hi Nirmala,

It is really very nice art. Keep it up.

Blogger nirmala said...

Thank u all,,yess black is the last color but it has its own beauty..i liked the texture of the paper and the sheen it has,,made me do these roses,,they look different..

Blogger The Thinker said...

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